North Metro Real Estate Investors Association

What is the North Metro REIA?

It is a group of real estate investors from throughout YOUR AREA who meet on a regular basis to share information, leads and contacts, and to help each other learn more about real estate investing. With a growing membership, the North Metro REIA is the association for brightest and most successful real estate investors


Real Estate is Still King!

Even though real estate is in the down side of a cyclical market it does not change the fact that through NO OTHER VEHICLE has produced more millionaires. Now is the time to be developing systems, contacts, business plans, and your education to be ready when the cycle turns. We provide 3 key Benefits for our Members: Networking, Education, and Benefits. You can learn more about our benefits here. There are many advantages to join our REIA, ranging from flexible membership options  to major perks with major vendors, such as Home Depot.


Take Advantage of our Member Referral Program!

We have also implemented a member referral program: any member that refers a member receives an additional 3 months added to their current membership. To get credit the person joining must list you on their membership application under referred by. So if you refer 4 members your entire year membership would be free! There is no limit to how many members you can refer. This is a great incentive to let all of your friends and any email list of investors you may have know about North Metro REIA!


Flexible Membership Options!

We have several available membership options as low as $25 annually described below.  For new members the first year will be $149 for a single with a $99 renewal ($89 for automatic renewals) and $199 for a couple with $149 renewals ($134 for automatic renewals). To address current economic concerns, we are adding an additional membership option; You can now pay for your annual membership on a monthly basis. Single Memberships – $49 when you join and $9.90 a month and Couple Memberships – $49 when you join and $14.90 a month.  (The monthly rate is less than half the guest fee!) These are still annual memberships but paid monthly. Members will get 3 emails reminding them to renew their membership. Please remember to renew before your expiration date! If you renew after your expiration date, you will have to pay the $50 higher rate for your first year which can easily be avoided under this program. Whether you are just starting out in real estate investing, or are working on your hundredth deal, the North Metro REIA can help you learn more, make more, and have more fun doing it. North Metro REIA offers a number of Membership options for Investors and Business Associates.



I am so glad i went thru the rain and traffic to be with all of you last night. It was worth its weight in gold. I learned alot. Found some money saving ideas. Found some excellent ideas that i had not thought of. Found some money. Found another partner. Enhanced a partnership. Maybe found a contractor. Reconnected with other great investors that i know and hand not seen for awhile. marketed my property and was able to assist another with money for their rehabs. Last night was worth the annual membership.
Johnna Lodge, Atlanta GA


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Mission Statement:

The mission statement of North Metro REIA is to help the real estate entrepreneur in gaining practical knowledge of real estate investments and management through education, discussion and networking.

 The mission Statement of North Metro REIA is to create a forum for real estate investors from beginner to the advanced, which provides effective and responsive services to their members. North Metro REIA provides educational and motivational services and support with a commitment to member’s satisfaction. North Metro REIA is dedicated to maintaining high standards of conduct of housing providers, property owners, and real estate investors, as well as the sharing of information and strategies to help ensure the success of North Metro REIA members.