Protect Your Investments with Charlie Fowler of Legal Shield

Charlie Fowler, Legal Shield

Forward thinking, innovative business professional with nearly 30 years experience. A strategic thinker with a successful track record building companies from the ground up. Experienced in developing effective marketing strategies that align with business objectives to achieve measurable results. My passion is helping entrepreneurs launch businesses successfully.

I love what I do, and I do what I love!

I possess a strategic view for B2B and B2C marketing with a strong ability to establish strategic direction and execute marketing plans on a tactical level to meet business objectives in highly competitive, evolving marketplaces.

My clients and partners tell me that I have a proven ability to develop strong customer relationships, identify customer needs and communicate those needs throughout the organization to enhance product offerings and increase sales.

As an organizational leader and team builder, I specialize in mentoring others to achieve the excellence within them.

Since purchasing a legal plan and Identity Theft protection for my family and my business 12 years ago, I have become a tireless advocate for this 40+ year old $500M company, which is literally restructuring the legal system in America. The Uber of the legal profession! My organization has protected well over 5,000 families, individuals, small businesses and employers all over the country. We can help you, too.