If you’ve ever been to an Atlanta foreclosure auction, you’ll know that there are a huge number of Investors in attendance.  If you think about it, that’s what makes sense- every other “Guru” who teaches a specific Real Estate Investment Strategy teaches Pre-foreclosures or Foreclosure Auctions.

But what if there were a different type of sale, that only a fraction of the number of Investors who attend Foreclosure auctions knew about? A method where you could make small investments with your IRA, guaranteed by Georgia law to make a minimum of 20% return, and where you can sometimes earn much more than that- we’re talking buying a house for as little as a couple thousand dollars.  Not subject to- free and clear.



At this month’s Main Meeting, Full-Time Investor ~ Joe Thompson will share with us the powerful strategy he uses to make huge returns using his IRA.  You won’t want to miss this one, as finding an Investor willing to share his or her little-known niche for making money in Real Estate Investing is, as you know, quite uncommon

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