Simple math, early retirement.  Sounds like one of those trite sayings that is much more easily articulated than accomplished, doesn’t it?

However, our October Main Monthly Meeting Speaker, former Clemson University All-Star Linebacker, has indeed accomplished that very thing.  And, while “early” is a subjective adjective and means different things to different folks, for Chad it meant age 30, at which point he celebrated by taking his family on a 4 month, intercontinental “mini-retirement”.

We hope you’ll enjoy the following article written by Chad, “Simple Math, Early Retirement

Almost everyone I know would like to retire (or have the option to retire) sooner rather than later. Unfortunately these days, actually retiring seems an impossible mission, at least on the time table most people want.

So you may find it interesting that someone who retired at 30 years old found that one factor more than any other allowed him to retire early.  The guy is a very funny blogger who calls himself Mr. Money Mustache (he likes to drop F-bombs frequently, so if that kind of thing offends you just stick with my summary here:).  Do you know what his one most important factor was?

Savings rate as a percentage of your take home pay

That basically means that the more money you save out of each paycheck you take home, the faster you will retire.  Of course, you also need to put the money in a safe place and receive some sort of return.  But, no matter how safe or profitable your investments are, it would take a VERY long time to accumulate enough money to retire without a high savings rate.

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