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Coming November 7th!  Barbara Grassey!


Real Estate is a Business. You Need a Plan.


How do you build a real estate business?  You know you should be outsourcing but you can’t afford to hire people. You need money for deals but how do you convince people to invest with you? In short, how do you establish yourself as the CEO of your business and not just one person struggling to find the next deal?

We go into real estate for any number of reasons, but right near the top of the list is financial freedom. Financial freedom is not just about money; it’s about having time to enjoy your family, your friends, your life!  Take the time NOW to work ONyour business, not IN your business.

If you’re going to be in business, BE IN BUSINESS.

  • Create an overall strategy for your portfolio
  • Understand the Three Branches of Your Business
  • Use Systems to Bring Motivated Sellers and Qualified Buyers to You.
  • Be THE Market Maker in your area.

Too often, investors go from deal to deal, making money (and sometimes losing money) randomly and without any consistency.  If your business suffers from feast or famine syndrome, if you’re not finding enough deals, or if you’re working too darn hard for the money you’re bringing in, it’s time to change the way you do business.


Set up your systems. Simplify your life. Create a workable plan.

Your RESULTS are the product of your expectations and effort. If you’re not getting the results you want, it’s time to craft a blueprint that will actually work in today’s real world.

Our November speaker, Barbara Grassey, will lead you through setting your strategy, building your plan and creating the systems you need to make that plan succeed.

Walk in with your goals; walk out with a workable business strategy to reach them.


A little bit about Barbara:

Barbara Grassey is a professional speaker, writer and trainer.  She has been featured on TV and radio programs such as Millionaire Mindset, Fox News, Real Talk, The Biz News Flash and co-hosted the radio talk show, Let’s Talk Real Estate.  She has also been featured in the St. Pete Times and has had one of her real estate articles picked up by the Harvard Law Blog.

She is the author of the E-Book Fast Money in Real Estate:  Secrets of a Bird Dog.  Her latest real estate book, Sell Your House Fast in a Slow Market provides investors and real estate professionals with timely and comprehensive methods to sell houses, especially in a down market. In addition, she has ghostwritten course manuals for national speakers in the real estate, motivation, sales and persuasion fields.



North Metro REIA – November 2013 Main Meeting

When: Thursday November 7th; 6:30-9:00pm

Where: Chattahoochee Technical College, 5198 Ross Road, Bldg 400 Acworth , GA 30102

Cost: Free (members), $20 (non-members)

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